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Apr 6, 2015
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Hey friends. I am planning to construct a new building for my IT firm. I was impressed after reading about green commercial structures, and would love to incorporate some of those aspects to make a green workspace. But do these eco-friendly edifices truly affect energy efficiency as they promise. Wouldn’t the installation cost be a burden? Please guide.
I'd definitely look into zero-emission and low-energy building. As SnS said, this pays off over time. You said you're running an IT firm. So if the cooling of servers is an issue there is a lot of potential in saving energy there. For example you can use groundwater for cooling (and heating).

Building sustainibly also increases the value should you ever want to sell.
It would help if you added your location to your profile.
Depending on where you are there may be local tax credits, power company discounts, state insentives.