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Jul 26, 2023
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Columbus, ohio
Just had a heavy rain and I went outside during the rain to observe the gutters.
On one side of the house the rain was falling over, and through it seemed, the end of the gutter run. Seems to be a couple problems - the sealant on the end cap is broken, and also probably during heavy flow the downspout hold is not big enough to handle a heavy load (maybe it's blocked but there are zero trees over this side of the roof so I doubt it).

But... at a higher level problem solving perspective, I think the downspout is in the wrong place to begin with. It's near the back of the house. I would think placing it near the front of the house, which is much closer to the curb, is a much better solution. Then have the downspout go in a drain to the curb. No?

There is no curb near back of house. There is a long back yard and then garage then alleyway.

So questions:
-Would a gutter/downspout specialist be able to close off the existing downspout hole and cut a new one into the existing gutter (to place at house front end)? or would they want to just trash the entire existing gutter/downspout and put up all new? (2 story house, kind of high to the gutter, maybe 23 feet).
-since the gutter already has issues, is it best to just replace it with new? (rather than trying to repair it).
-it's frustrating to me that I can't get up that high to inspect it closely. I mean I could if I bought a tall enough ladder. Should I do that? I know it's kind of risky. But there is a house very close beside so little risk of falling back; maybe risk of falling sideways.
-what about a rainbarrel? have the downspout empty into rainbarrel instead of underground drain? or both?