Help please - Wall noises when there is wind outside

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Dec 5, 2020
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Good morning all,

A year and a half ago I bought a house. Since then I have noticed that when there are winds of a considerable magnitude (for example: gusts of 25 to 40km/h depending of the direction of the wind), there are noises in one of the walls located on the 2nd floor . The sound looks like a wooden component undergoing mechanical stress (tic, tic, tic, crackle) and there is also sometimes a sound which seems more "metallic".

I put a video on youtube so you can take a look at the sounds (see link below):

Here are some informations about the house:
- Year of construction: 2006
- Two floors, without basement.
- Brick facing on all sides of the house.
- Roof with four slopes.
- In the attic, there does not seem to be any anomaly.
- Unfortunately I cannot give more information concerning the history of the problem, the former owner mentions to me that this situation is "new" for him. So I cannot know how long this problem has been around and if it has worsened over time.

Is there anyone who has experienced similar issues before? Does anyone have any hypotheses on the cause or the solution of such a problem? Currently I am dealing with a construction contractor and an engineer is also on file, however this type of problem is relatively new to them ...

Thank you in advance for your comments and cooperation.

(sorry for my english, not my first langage)



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Sep 30, 2006
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Sounds as though you have a flashing or trim board that is loose, and an engineer would be overkill.

Bob Reynolds

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Oct 8, 2008
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Look for vents on the side of the house where the noise is coming from. That could be a dryer vent or a bathroom exhaust vent or even a stove or microwave oven vent. There is a baffle (stoves have metal and dryers and bathroom vents have plastic) in some of these vents and it will sometimes blow back and forth with the wind and create the noise your describe.

Also could be a creased shingle on the roof blowing back and forth.

You might get someone qualified to inspect the roof and the roof vents if you can't find it the other way.