Holes in shower door frame

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Mar 15, 2024
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North Carolina
Our master bath shower door frame has small rectangular openings along the inside of the bottom piece; there are a half dozen of these evenly spaced along the entire length (see photo).


Where the frame piece makes contact with the shower bottom is caulked, as well as at the two ends where it meets the sides going up. I assume water gets in these when the shower runs, but with it caulked on all sides, I don't know how the water would then run back out.

What would the purpose of these holes be, and should I find some way to close them?
A panoramic photo will further amplify, with both the door open and closed, and we don't care what the color of your washcloth is.
The holes are most likely there to allow water out of the track. Hopefully the door was installed with the holes on the correct side of the shower :Angie:
Are the holes covered over?