how to cut. size of screws and how to hide?

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Jun 21, 2013
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Hi folks,

I'm renovating three antique double hung 2 1/2x 6' windows. Part of the reno is installing new shutters.


The lower edge of the tape is the angle of at which I'll radially cut the shutter frame and trim board. Attempting to match the arc of the shutttertop. I'm removing the material above the cut. Had to say that just for clarity. What tool is best for cutting here? The width of the trim and frame is 1 3/4". The trim depth 1", the frame is double that with a ~1/2" return(?) on the shutter side (kind of a backstop for the edge of the shutter when closed). The trim seems easier, but I don't want to mangle the frame.

What size screws should I use to go through the 1 3/4" of frame and trim? I've got some GRKs 3" and Spax 3 1/2s". Overkill? I thought I'd use 1 Spax at the bottom of each side, because of the extra local stress of the magnets in the bottom of the frame. Or am I just being paranoid? Should I screw _down_ the footer of the frame?

Finally, once installed and painted I want to be sure the seam between the trimboard vertical edge and the original molding is so flat someone might think its a single board. In other work I see in the world I often notice that slight indent line. It bugs me. Spackle? or is there something better (not necessarily modern).

Thanks for your insights, they're much appreciated.

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