Ideas to use single use syringes

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May 24, 2023
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Dallas TX
I am looking for ideas to find a usage for single use syringes. I know what to do with regular (single use) syringes, however those have a mechanism such that you just apply the syringe to the skin, push the trigger at the end, and the injection happens automatically. So far haven't found a way to open without breaking.
I have no experience with the new triggered syringes. I used to fish syringes from the hazardous waste bin when my wife was frequently in the hospital. I have never quite figured out the mechanism of the Enoxaparin single use syringes. I have one that I pulled the piston from that seems reusable but the needle is too fine to be of much use. I was disappointed a number of years back when IVs no longer required needles to inject medications into IV bags of saline. However it did yield a lot of syringes (and IV tubing) w/o needles in normal trash which proved useful for re-purposing such as precision measurement of small amounts of liquid. I still have a few with needles from the old days. The main solutions I mix are NAC and/or lubricating eye drops and povidone-iodine 1% solutions for nasal spritzing in COVID prevention.
Well, yea, I have plenty of the old style. But same as you, so can didn't figure out a way to open without breaking the piston. Am still hoping for ideas, and will take another apart to see what I can find. The very fine needles (i think gauge 33 or 34) is useful in some cases