Installing insulation to existing wall

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Apr 29, 2009
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I live in a condo with an especially noisy neighbor. We share a wall that happens to be my bedroom and ever since she moved in, I've lost tons of sleep due to slamming doors, in fact I can even hear when she closes a dresser drawer.

I'd like to add insulation to the wall without having to remove all the drywall. I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be possible to add batts by cutting a 10 ft wide strip across the length of the wall at around 5 0r 6 feet off the ground and somehow stuffing it upwards and downwards to fill the area between the studs. I thought if I made the hole 6 to 8" wide, I could cut the batts into two pieces for the top and bottom.

I've considered blown-in but not sure it would do much for sound deadening.
Insulation would have to be better than nothing which is what I have in the wall right now. If I did just two walls of soundproofing according to HD, it would be over 10 grand - somewhat impractical. I'm just looking to deaden the thudding sounds to some degree and if there is a way to do what I suggested or if someone has another method.
A second layer of drywall would do more than fiberglass insulation. Dense pack cellulose might help and could be blown in.
Adding insulation, wouldn't stop the wall from vibrating and because of fire blocking, you'd need a second access.

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