Jumping the gun on this window repair?

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Feb 22, 2019
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Hi all. So I posted about my 18 yr old Pella wood casement window issues with the bottom of sash rotting away and mold. Most here have said it's probably from condensation as to why it's only on the bottom end of the sash. I no longer believe this is from condensation because as u can see in the pic, the mold started to grow from the outter edge and then spread inward. I don't want to spend 15-25k replacing all these damn windows with this issue. Question is, the sash bottoms that are still intact, I'm thinking of painting on some of that Minwax high performance wood hardener and then just skim coating over with some Minwax high performance epoxy wood filler and then painting brown to match the wood. So can I do this if they're in this moldy condition with the black discoloration? I wonder if the hardener will murder the mold if I hit it first with the hardener solution. I'm not trying to remove and scrub anything so I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this. Thx