Kenmore dishwasher won't start

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Oct 12, 2022
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Bay Area, CA
Suddenly, my Kenmore dishwasher won't start. In the past I've had buttons go out on the control panel, and replaced it. When that happened some buttons would work and others would not.

But this time, the whole machine acts dead. I checked the circuit breaker, it was on. Some repair videos suggested I check the door switches with a multimeter, they're fine. I did notice one capacitor on the control board looked like it was swelling.

Any suggestions?
Try posting your question at with the model number in your post. Jeff1 over there is very responsive to all appliance questions.. I think he used to post here, but hasn't in a long time. He's my go-to guy for appliance questions.

One thing to look at, is there a fuse anywhere on the boards in the machine? I know I had a microwave stop working when a fuse on the control board blew. You can also try plugging your model number in at they have videos on many repairs and sell the parts to do the fix. Though once you find the part do check on Amazon, I needed a door handle for my front loader clothes washing machine Repair Clinic wanted $25 plus shipping, it was $7 at Amazon with free Prime shipping.
If the capacitor is swollen it is bad, change it you can and not not to expensive. Oh better yet, check it with a multi-meter to verify it.