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Jun 20, 2022
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Help!! I am painting my 1960s oak Kitchen cabinets with a moss green Waverly chalk paint. I sanded everything, applied 2 coats of bullseye 123 primer and noticed tanning so I did 2 coats of shellac. I did 3 coats of the chalk paint looked beautiful...I sealed everything with Waverly wax and the next morning there was hairline cracks everywhere. I was told by the company that I should have used polyacrylic. After 3 weeks of hard work they said I would have to use mineral spirits to strip it all, then tsp substitute degreaser..then do it all over again. I have spent many hours researching what I can do. I did use the tsp substitute degreaser to remove the it removes wax and not paint...I need advice. Can I just do this and sand after tsp substitute, paint then apply the polyacrylic? Also what grit paper should I use? TIA

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