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Mar 8, 2020
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I am finally replacing the porcelain light socket, just a bare bulb hanging down from the ceiling, original to my 1951 house. Two cables come into the box. The one on the right has black and white wires. The left cable has two white wires, one partly colored black. The black wire from the right cable is connected to a white wire from the left cable, while the other two wires connected to the fixture. For my purpose today, it seems clear the white wire from the right cable is the neutral for my new fixture, so I am going to go ahead and install it. Still, I don't have any clue why the hot from one cable would be connected to the neutral from another cable. Can anyone give me an explanation or suggest a youtube video? Thanks.

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Yes, as snoonyb stated in his above post. Switch leg is being used in your situation which is absolutely normal. Read up on the link he gave you and do a little google searching on the subject and it will clear up in your mind how this particular fixture box is wired. It is to code and is safe. You will probably also notice that the switch controlling this light is connected with a white and black wire. The white wire is not actually a neutral and is being used as a hot thus the reasoning why the white wire is colored black near the tip. This is to indicate to a person in the future that the white wires is not being used as a neutral in this case but a hot wire. The white wire going to the switch should also be colored black near the end closest to the switch screw.