Looking for weird outswung door jam seal

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Jun 9, 2024
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Hi guys,

I got a backyard door that swings outwards. I want to replace the door jamb seal but can’t find any seal anywhere that matches this profile. Has anyone here ever seen anything like this? See pic attached.

Thank you.


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That's usually called a "Hammer In" or "Snap In" or "Barbed" weatherstrip. Maybe one of those terms will help with on internet search.

Look carefully at both vertical jambs and, with a mirror, the bottom and top jambs. With luck the manufacturer's name & the door model number will be printed on the door and serve as a source for the seal. Sometimes it's printed under a hinge leaf.

There is a company called Universal Weatherstrip & Building Supply that has been around here for more than 100 years. They have just about every kind of weather sealing item possible. Universalweatherstrip.com is the web site. Their phone number is (313) 534-8049. Maybe they have it, can get it for you or at least identify it.

Hope This Helps!
Forgot a supplier:
They have all manner of weatherstrip.

I can't tell from the photo, but fi the one in the drawing below matches yours, it is a Norco (now Jeld-Wen) product and should be available at any Jeld Wen dealer.

I have that on my Milgard patio door. I struck out but many caring door shops may pull out a book and help you find it. They just wanted to sell me another door for $5,000. Yeah, right!
Thanks for the replies. This is more than enough info for me to go off to the races.
You guys are very knowledgeable.
I’ll update with what I go with.
And no, I won’t be buying a new door, lol.

Many thanks!

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