My roofer, now MIA! Help needed pls.

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Mar 4, 2023
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Nazareth, Pa
Hello, I have a situation about my Roof and the Contractor that replaced it. Not looking for legal advice here just any suggestions as to what options that
I may have, if any at all, to locate this contractor. >>>>A couple of years ago we had our roof replaced and replace by a local reputable roofer, 3000 sq.' home. So, about two months ago we started having a minor issue with rainwater leaking in from one of our kitchen skylights. So, I really needed to get in touch with this roofer again, especially that this Roof is still under Full Warranty. My Problem is, I think this Owner/Roofer "vanished from the face of the earth"! No matter what I have been doing and trying everything humanly possible,....I cannot locate or contact this Man and his business! When I call, I get no answers and I always leave a message. Sent several emails to him. I went onto the BBB website to search. YELP as well. You understand my position here I'm sure.
So, if this where You, what else would you do, (before I contacting a lawyer, If I choose so) to try to locate this MIA Roofing contractor? This has become very frustrating as you can image. I mean......I have even checked with the area Funeral Homes to see if maybe he died or something! Ha Ha He was a younger man in his thirties. He should be still alive.