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May 19, 2024
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I have a hole in my dry wall that i attempted to repair twice. It is from the screw for my curtain rod. Moving the curtain rod is not an option. Need advice on the best course of action. Need to be able to put a screw back in tightly. Hole is about the size of a half dollar now. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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What kind of a screw was in there? Drywall is not strong enough to drive a screw into without something additional added. Was it a Molly bolt / toggle bolt? Or some kind of plastic anchor?

I like to have wood behind the drywall, but that requires pre-planning at the time of building.

If I were at the point you are now I would open the hole up larger so that I could glue a strip of wood inside the wall to the back side of the drywall with construction glue. Then I would cut a small piece of drywall to fill the hole gluing or screwing it to the wood. Fill the gaps with joint compound imbed a layer of joint tape around the patch and then skim it with joint compound. Sand, prime and paint. Then when you go to hang it again drill a pilot hole and use a screw long enough to reach thru the wood backing.

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So, you need some backing, for that 2nd screw.
Were it I, and it isn't, I would remove the other screw and anchor, then the damaged area with a utility knife, cutting so the the cut edges are at about a 45 degree angle, then cut a piece of 1x2 about 2 or 2-1/2"'s longer than the vertical size of the cut-out, the using an 2-1/2 or 3" screw immersed into the 1x2, for maneuverability, insert the 1x2, centered, into the hole, then using 2, 1-5/8" screws, secure the 1x2 in place, next chamfer a piece of drywall, the size of the cut-out and secure it in place, then finish with some mastic or patching material, sand, prime and paint, then reattach you Curtin rod bracket.