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Discussion in 'Flooring' started by Curmudgeon10, Dec 25, 2011.

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    Yesterday, I listened to my big box store flooring expert explain in great detail how the only floor that could go down over concrete was laminate. He also opined that there were no engineered floor products that could be refinished.

    My basement is fairly large, and 80% of it is finished; the remaining 530 square feet is finished except for bare concrete floors. When I moved in 11 years ago, it was carpeted, but I wanted a wood shop so I took up the carpet. Half the space is above grade ---- walkout entrance ---- and the remaing half is below grade. I have never had any water in the basement that I know of (the walls and ceiling are drywall). The sump pump has never run in the 11 years. In fact, in the winter, lack of humidity is a problem (causing ceiling moldings in the finished portion to pull away from the ceiling) so I run a humidifier. None of the many hand and power tools I have in the wood shop have ever show the slightest signs of rust, and except for the paint I spill on them occasionally, look like they are brand new. I think its safe to say: I have a dry basement.

    I am downsizing my woodshop and converting it to essentially a hobby operation for RC Planes and other lower key home maintenance tasks, so there is a chance that whatever flooring I install is going to take some hits and might need to be refinished when we sell this place in 8 or 10 years. Hence, I'd like a product that I could refinish at least once.

    Given my description of the basement, is there any risk in floating a click type engineered floor product that has a thick enough finish layer for a refinishing or two? Anyone have any recommendations for a manufacturer/distributer?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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