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Most of the people here like Dominos and Pizza Hut (yuk for both) but there are some good pizza places in Joplin and KC, you just have to hunt for them.
When I see those little wanna-be's, have another name for them, but it probably get me kicked off here before I've been here a month... But whenever I see those guys with their pants down to about their crotch... I walk up to them and say" Ya know when guys wear their pants like that in jail, they wanna get laid... Never seen them pulled up so fast...
Off-topic of what everyone is talking about, and I hope it's ok to put this here... But awhile back we were camping, and I needed smokes and some beer, told the wife I was going to drive to the town... and get the things I needed... So not being from there, I thought I better put in the GPS where I am going back to... After driving for a bit I come to this sign in the road...

LOL. They put up signs like that in my area. I can't remember if I took a picture, but there is a sign on my road that says "No trucks within 24 hours of substantial rain" and someone put "That's just for the unpaved road Genius". I guess it was someone who runs logging trucks who put the sign up because the rule applies for the "paved" part because they paved it so thinly that when it rains it soaks under the road and undermines the support and when big trucks run on it, the road collapses & falls apart.