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Fred Torrence

Dec 20, 2023
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Hello Everybody,

I do not doubt that access holes (pipe chases) are of course necessary but it seems that the plumbers and HVAC installers are not on the same page. I am a new home owner and looking to seal the air leaks around the paneling of a corner tub I decided to take a peak inside via the plumbing access panel. The image is of the access hole underneath the tub for the drain. Once the tub was installed surely an opening this size should have been sealed around the pipe, yes? IMG_20231221_101504628.jpg
Not necessarily, and would likely depend upon the need to access.

However you could fill the void with loose batt insulation.
Thanks Snoonyb (you are faster than a trip to home depot). So unaware of the access needs, I would be better off with batt insulation to fill the void and air-leak proofing the joints (gaps!) and seals formed by the wood paneling around the tub?IMG_20231221_104941703_HDR.jpgIMG_20231221_103650723.jpg
Yes, I would just stuff some batt ins., and for the 2nd photo, you might be able to find a narrow, close color matching trim to close that gap, before adding some caulk\.

To me, gaps and things you are finding tell a tale of speed overwhelming pride of workmanship.

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