pigeon infestation--cleaning after

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    Some pigeons gained access to my attic. I had thoughtlessly allowed the situation to persist for a couple of years, thinking that they were just scratching on the roof.

    The pigeons are gone, and a few must have been trapped in side the attic and are now bare bones.

    I plan to cut open and remove a section of ceiling sheet rock in the living room to gain access to the attic. I have purchased a 3-hp dust collector for wood shop. I plan to suck most of the wastes out.

    I will be wearing full respirator and protective suit and all my stuffs will be removed and placed inside the bedrooms with doors closed.

    I am aware of the disease risks, but it has been over five years. I am sure I have been exposed to minute concentrations of pathogens for all these years. It would be no difference than staying in the wilderness with low concentration of bird wastes, I think.

    Any thoughts and opinion?

    Does anyone here have the some experience?
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