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Jun 12, 2017
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If one has a water drain line from the house out to the street that has a leak in it, isn't there a way to put in a pipe liner on the inside of the pipe so the pipe itself doesn't have to be replaced?

I know an elderly person that could use a service like this so I'm looking for more information about pipe liner
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I heard this technology is in fact being used on smaller pipes.

In fact, this elderly person was told by residential plumbing company that they could repair the pipe from inside using pipe liner for $9500

Or, they could dig up the foundation inside the house where the leak is to repair the pipe for $3900 (they used a camera inside the pipe and know where the hole in the pipe is at.)

I find it hard to believe that tearing up the foundation is cheaper than using pipe liner which is why I'm on a quest to learn more about this technology
I Have also heard of pipe liner for repairing residential sewer lines, but have no idea how they price out. I imagine the product itself is expensive.