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I've always found single-mindedness, interesting, you see, I fear not, and will continue to ascribe to creating generational wealth, which succeeds with the simple amendment, of adding and deleting a name, generation, after generation, after generation.
One does not have to b e in fear to desire privacy.
One of the most harmful and widespread misconceptions being spread in the internet age is the notion that what you just said is not true!
Polls have shown that lots of younger people people don't think not having privacy is an issue.

As old people that have common sense die off, these are the crazy people that will be voting
Yeah, I keep hearing comments like, "I don't have anything to hide". I refuse to provide the personal info required to rescue a dog.
Yeah the citizens of 1930s Germany thought they didn't have anything top be concerned about erthier.

I think the biggest mistake that is being made in this nation is very similar to how people in the old Roman Empire thought which was... we're too big and powerful to fall.

And then... they fell
Even if our situation is nothing like 1930s Germany or the end of the Roman Empire, mass complacency takes its toll in gradual, subtle ways that are hard to notice--and impossible to change--until it's too late. Better to just not become complacent about privacy in the first place. Define a reasonable expectation of privacy and resist backing down from it.