Question to change GE microwave fuse

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affan habib

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Feb 13, 2020
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My GE (JVM6175EKES) microwave made a large popping sound and then no power or anything. I am thinking the fuse might have blown needing replacement. I watched a few YouTube videos and got somewhat scared knowing about the capacitor. Will I be anywhere near the capacitor thing to replace the fuse? I unplugged the microwave about 3 days ago. Any help will be appreciated.
As the capacitor is contained within the appliance casing, and If you suspect that the appliance itself has failed, a service repair person is advised.

In the meantime, you can verify if you still have power too the appliance receptacle by plugging in a small lamp, or other appliance.
Thanks. I plugged my cell phone and the line got power.

If I keep it unplug for several days, will the capacitor be fully discharged?
Please contact an appliance repair facility.