Questions on kitchen improvement costs.

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    Hey, I'm about to purchase my first home and everything looks ok considering I'm gonna be paying the same for my mortgage as I do for rent right now but my main concern is the kitchen.

    The kitchen in my soon-to-be-home is horribly ugly and seems as though it was hastily put together. The range is on the other side of the U-design as it should be, there's no dishwasher and the cabinet space is virtually non-existent..

    I've been trying to read up on all of this as much as possible but i was wondering if someone could give me some ideas on pricing to see if i can afford to do this now or if I'll just have to live with an ugly kitchen for a while. I would greatly appreciate any estimates you guys might be able to throw at me.

    My goal with this is to put a dishwasher where the range is, move the range to where the window is and getting a smaller window ( cause i just dont see at this point how I'm going to increase space with that window that's 2 big for top or bottom cabinets ) and putting the frig against the wall to the left.

    - Any ideas on cost on adding about another 3 cabinets and about 5 or 6 floor cabinets? I'd just like to match what I have and I don't think by any means that what i have is 'premium quality'.

    - Cost of moving a gas range from one side of the u-design to the other? There are no gas hookups on that other side so how much would that cost to do? I'd like to do this so i can knock down that ugly ledge and because the range just looks so out of place right now.

    Here are some pics of what I have to work with.



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