Removing Moisture from double pane windows

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Sorry for the delay - project over and on to other things. Someone asked about sealing corners - on 3 I didn't - when I got to the corner I cut a V in the strip 75% cut 25% untouched. Makes for a small radius on the outside, silver, but a nice L inside. On the 4th I cut at a 45 and cut the each side about .001" longer (I've got a really good eye....) so the strips touched real good (0 gap) and then painted the cuts with a bit of RTV and put a strip of mylar tape around the corner. (my middle initial is A). Its' been 9 months and the only problem so far is that the dirt that collects on the outside stands out more than before - bummer -
Not sure what the chemical is that you are asking about but wanted to warn you if you decide to contract the work.

I used the Foggy Window Doctor to repair 9 windows in my home, e.g. spray in the solution to clean between panes and reseal. They charged $100/window for 9 windows and guaranteed the work.

Five of the windows are just as bad as before they did it and the company is completely unresponsive to voicemail and emails. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Burea and they also were unable to get a reponse from Foggy Window Doctor. My only recourse now is small claims court.

DO NOT USE FOGGY WINDOW DOCTOR - they don't stand behind their work.
First of all the process does work but their are some windows that can not be restored. With that said.....

Now, those windows that were restored In the corners you should find what we In the business call valves. Valves control air flow, air has moisture, within the window allowing moisture to get out at the same time controlling the moisture from getting In. If I have It correct you still have foggy or condensation problem. If that Is the situation then the only thing that It could be are those valves. In that case remove the valves with your finger nail and the problem Is solved. The only reason for those valves are to control air flow, air has moisture, and to keep bugs out.

To solve the bug problem just get clear tape something like 'Scotch Tape' cover the hole then take a SHARP needle poke tiny holes,10-12, to allow moisture to escape and to keep the bugs out. FYI the Scotch Tape will fade in texture and will be noticeable In time. Their is a specific product for this It's call a 'plug'. On line find someone In the business to sell you those 'plugs'.

Send me all the info on the company that you hired and I will tract them down for you.

to ljf

i just called foggy window doctor at 705 435-3649 and spoke to cathy. she is expecting your call.
I tried to contact them again and left yet another message. But honestly I have left at least half dozen messages and multiple emails and Cathy does NOT call back. They didn't get back to the Better Business Burea either so I'm not taking it personally! Unbelievably poor service.
There is no magic quick fix to a double pane window.
Depending on the style, replace the sash, or replace the insert.
Where can the one way valves and desiccant for eliminating moisture between window panes be purchased?
Has anyone tried the simple solution using Edgetech Super Spacer with butyl rubber caulking around it? No hassle with adding a gas or desiccant beads. Argon only helps the R-value by a very small amount. With the built in desiccant of the Super Spacer should remove any moisture from the air and should keep the windows fog free.

Or even simpler is to reassemble the aluminum desiccant track acting as only a spacer siliconed to the glass, with small air gaps at the top and bottom corners for minor air flow to keep the window clear. Any condensation will exit out as it evaporates. These small (1/16" or so) gaps are not enough to compromise the thermal properties. This is similar to drilling holes in the glass corners, but far less risky.

As for drilling holes, it is not clear the size and location. Front or back or both, opposite corners or along same edge or ???