Replace 20 year old R22 AC / Heat Pump

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Sep 11, 2009
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I have a 20 year old ac / heat pump. I’m in the Phoenix area. The unit is located outside the master bedroom and is extremely loud when it cycles on, to the point of disrupting sleep unless ear plugs are worn.

It cools well but can use up to $15 of electricity a day in the heart of summer. Sometimes it will slip to 75 degrees inside if it’s extremely hot outside (110 to 115). I don’t use the heat pump at all but would need it to be a heat pump due to no furnace at the house.

Should I replace this unit? I hate my house and likely want to sell in the next several years. Realtors I’ve talked to have recommended replacement, likely because it will make their job easier. My biggest fear is that it will crap out in the middle of summer, but I don’t want to give a buyer of my home a freebie that I won’t recoup at sale. Should it go out during summer, this would be an emergency situation as extreme heat would cause significant damage to the interior of the house and contents inside

Also, can this be a DIY project if I have a professional remove the R22 from the old system? Or is it recommended to get a professional to replace it?

What should this cost for a 1900 square foot house (1 story)? Any recommended SEER ratings? I’m more concerned with quietness during operation than I am efficiency. Any recommended brand that is quiet?

Lastly, can I save money by purchasing my own unit and just paying for the install?

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Option 1: $10,000 - Day & Night N4H7T (16 SEER2 - 2 Stage)

Option 2: $12,700 - Bosch BOVA-60HDN1-M18M (17 SEER2 - Variable)

I hate my house and will likely sell within the next 2-3 years. That's what's keeping me from going all out. I hate the idea of giving potential buyers freebies. House is middle of the road valued at 450k.

Which one should I choose?
Seems like no one here feels expert enough to talk about heat pumps. Too bad, since I have been considering a heat pump for whole house heating in PA. A different situation indeed from Phoenix.

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