Replacing Stick-on Tiles in Bathroom

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Jul 7, 2011
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In January 2006 I installed some stick-on vinyl tiles in my bathroom. I removed everything from the bathroom, sanded down the plywood to make it as level as I could get it, and installed a new plywood subfloor before laying down the gray-colored 1-foot square tiles. About 4 years ago the corner of one of them began to "unstick", and in the last 2 years several tiles are turning yellow. Time to replace.

I have read that sheet vinyl is better than linoleum for bathroom (and kitchen?) floors and am looking for some. Most of the sheet vinyl sold at HD costs from 50 cents to around $2 per square foot and most, if not all, are rated at least 4 stars. Unfortunately I don't trust internet ratings, and I don't have to buy from HD.

Any suggestions as to which brand is the most durable and least likely to change color?