Repositioning bricks to close gaps in veneer?

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    The corner of my home had a 1 1/2" sag of the foundation in one corner. Just under a year ago I had a contractor come out and install 7 helical piers. This actually succeeded in raising that corner of the slab foundation to nearly level prior to yield. Unfortunately the gap in the brick veneer that was evident prior to the jacking did not close up (actually, didn't change at all in any direction). It was deemed that the one veneer wall had pulled away slightly from the framing likely stretching the ties. I was assured there was no danger of failure.

    So, just the other day I lasered it and found no settling has occurred since the piering. What I'd like to do now is address the gaps. Not wanting too have triple wide mortaring my hope is that I can space the bricks a bit more evenly by removing a brick or two on each side then split the difference when resetting. Barring anyone saying "DON'T EVEN ATTEMPT IT" I'd like to know how many bricks can be removed at once without creating a house of cards situation. I understand there likely are many variables but it can't hurt to ask. Should add that I actually removed portions of the loose and solid mortar between the bricks (& 1 sill brick) prior to jacking with hopes of closure, but alas... :(

    I've already completed some re-pointing elsewhere on the home and have come up with a combination of pre-mix mortar and concrete tint that matches both the texture and color almost perfectly.

    Appreciate any and all input.

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