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Apr 8, 2010
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I got a new refrigerator and I'd like to connect water to it. There's an existing PEX line that runs from an old RO appliance up to the refrigerator location that I'd like to repurpose, as I no longer want to use the RO appliance. In the basement, I found a cold water line with 1/4" fitting (see circle 1 in attached photo), and the PEX line runs right by it with a connector (see circle 2 in attached photo). How do I go about connecting these together? I'd also need to connect the PEX line to the refrigerator upstairs via the braided water line with 1/4" fitting (see fridge_connection photo). Any advice is much appreciated! :)


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That is not PEX, that's 1/4" poly. Anyway, run a 1/4" poly line off the cold water valve and then connect the other end to the fridge. forget about the braided water line.
Thank you for the reply - wanted to post update on my project. The blue colored line turned out to be 3/8" PEX. I made 2 tubing parts comprised of 1/4" polyethylene with a union connector/reducer on one end and a 1/4" compression fitting on the other. Used a bit of plumbing tape on the 1/4" copper male fittings for good measure. Simply plugged them in and voila, water to my fridge! Parts cost me about $10 - so glad I didn't hire a plumber.


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