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May 31, 2007
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Proctorville, Ohio
I'd like to get a router and learn how to use it along with other tools I have. I'm a nurse by trade and am very dissatisfied currently. I don't really have any hobbies but do like to repair things, etc. I'd like to try to make some different things. I already own a few tools. I have 2 circular saws, a jigsaw, a smaller circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a toe kick saw and I just bought me a tablesaw. I also have a pocket hole jig.
What would be a good one to buy? I don't want to blend a couple of hundred dollars but I also don't want to by something that will only do certain things. It doesn't have to have a table that comes with it necessarily.
Give me some ideas.
Have a look at the variety of tools and assessories here for some Ideas;

Then look for sales and combination kits that will fit.

I use rockwell/porter-cable.
I have had 2 of these, the base model for 24 years and they have done a lot of work . One I have bolted into a table. The only thing I don't like is that it does not have a finger trigger at least mine just had a toggle switch. I fixed that with hand held I just took the trigger handle off and old craftsman and made it fit instead of one knob.
This unit has the optional plunge base, which you could use while building the other base into a table.
I usually try to buy an inexpensive one to see how handy it actually is. If I use it enough or if I find it a valuable addition to my tool set, then I get a better one when I can. Of course, if you end up too cheap on the first try, then you might find the tool frustrating to use.
For a router, you need enough power, an easy-to-adjust (and accurate) depth gauge, and one that is easy to get bits for and to change them..
I went the route of slownststeady I bought a Ryobi to see if I would even use a router . found out I was using it almost every day when I was duplicating the molding in my house I quickly upgraded to a craftsman plunge router. which I used for about a year before purchasing a porter cable hand held and table.IMO it will be one of the best tool investments you will make.
Thanks guys, you've given me some things to think about and some resources too.
Things I was wanting to do that it may come in handy.... wall trim, trim around doors and windows (interior), some small pieces of furniture, maybe a couple of jewelry boxes