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Feb 25, 2018
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Hello, I'm looking at replacing my existing tub faucet which is a 5-hole deck mount. It has three holes on one side for the hot/cold handles and the water faucet. The other two holes are on the other side for the hand held sprayer.

I'm looking to replace with a vintage black and white claw foot style faucet. My wife is wanting something similar to the attached photo:


Everything I've found seems to be a 2-hole mount, which potentially could work if I cap the middle hole with a sink hole cap. The other two holes I'd like to put in a similar style sprayer that would be primarily used to clean the tub so I'm not having to lean over the tub to get the faucet sprayer. So, just one hole would be capped if I cannot find the 3-hole deck mount. I thought I'd reach out to some experts to see if you knew where I might find a 3-hole mount in the style shown in the image. Thanks!
Those were some of the same ones I was looking at which have the 2-hole deck mount instead of the 3-hole deck mount. Thanks for taking a look to see what you could find! :) I'm guessing the style I'm looking for only has the 2-hole deck mount.
Restoration Hardware might have something (But, be ready for Cha-Ching pricing!)
Habitat Re-Store is a gamble, but I've found some cool plumbing things there.
Your local plumbing wholesaler's showroom may be worth trying. They have catalogs upon catalogs.

If you do end up having an unused hole, perhaps a liquid soap/shampoo dispenser would workout.