Sliding glass door: ID and replace weather seals for jam and header?

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Nov 14, 2020
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Working on a 30+ year old sliding glass door, wood clad and wood framed. The weather seals are shot...brittle and leaking. They don't fit the profiles of any replacement I can find online so I'm wondering how to replace them. The parts on the door itself (the fuzzy ones) are intact but the two different profiles that the door seals with on the jam and header are shot.

So the inside vertical (jam) piece is a 90 deg shape that I think originally had a small, flexible edge. The header seals are similar. On the exterior side of the door the two seals are both much wider and a different (square U shape) profile. Also hard plastic.

Here are some photos: I've attached a pic of a small cross-section of the header seal, which is about 1" wide and 1" tall. It's missing the fins on each side (sticking out sideways from the open end) that would mate with the fiber seal on the door itself.

I'm finding all sorts of other shapes online, parts for specific doors (Marvin, Anderson, etc.). This door has no labels of any kind I can find though; the only identifying marks are from the glass unit itself: CIG 04 IGCC and CBA IGMAC 99.

Would appreciate any suggestions about how to find the right seals or for a generic solution as the door is leaking cold air badly!


Profile of header seal: