Something is missing above front door

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May 2, 2012
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Hi everyone.

Some caulking and bare wood are exposed after removing a screen door.

Could anyone tell me what is missing, and how to repair it?

Should I apply some caulking on top of the existing line of caulking, so that the surface becomes flat?

Or is it enough to just paint it?



Hard to tell from a pic but usually the molding over the door and sidelight is a continuous run.
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Thanks for your response, Eddie!

The strip of wood was a continuous piece that went all the way across. My guess is that previous residents snapped off part of it to install a screen door. Now that the screen door is removed, do I need to cover the area with molding, or can I just paint over it?


It would look better with the strip replaced. I suppose you could just caulk the gap and paint it though. Is it sheltered from rain?
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Looks like the top moulding piece is missing. You can try to find something that matches your current trim or get something slightly fancier.
Thanks, Eddie and Zannej!

Yes, that area is sheltered and would never get wet.

Functionality-wise, is it necessary to caulk the gap flush before painting the area?

How would trim be fastened to the area?


In my area some kind of insect would build in the gap if left open plus it lowers insulation value. If you don't want to mess with caulking any thin molding or trim strip could cover the gap. Trim can be installed with brads, small finishing nails or adhesive.
If there is wood underneath it would be attached to the wood with brad nails I think. There are thin nails used for door trim and baseboard. Some of the prehung doors come with the trim stapled on but that looks ugly to paint over. You can also use liquid nails/construction adhesive. Then you caulk around it and paint it to match the rest of the door trim. You might want a whole new exterior door casing kit. Make sure it`s for exterior and can be exposed to water, even if it is covered, the splashing of rain and moisture from outside can rot stuff meant for interior. If you find PVC trim, it will need to be painted to protect it from the sun.

Stay away from mdf! It is NOT suitable for outdoors. Composite and PVC are better for outdoors.