Sprinklers - Converting to Rotating Nozzles

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Jan 4, 2009
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Does anyone have experience changing their traditional spray nozzles to the more efficient rotary nozzles? I have found too much information and not enough experience. Some say you need to replace the whole body and others just the nozzle in the popup. While I'm sure my system would benefit from all new bodies, my skill level wants to just do nozzles. If I try to dig I'm going to great something. I know it! I'm just concerned about other factors I may not be considering for what may be an ill-advised shortcut.

I changed out my cheap Orbit sprinklers, that spray a mist, which windy, blows the water everywhere rather than the grass. I replaced them with the rotary Rain Bird water saver sprinklers. Since the entire unit is different, the heads wont work alone and you need the entire sprinkler. They are about $15, compared to the $2 Orbit. Bottom line, i love them. The grass gets better water, but times must be increased, but still use less water.