Stone Veneer Knee Wall Freeze Thaw

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Apr 8, 2009
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I plan to build a couple of concrete block walls with stone veneer. Everything I'm reading in regards to a seating wall basically says to dig a trench about 6" deep for the base.

I'm in Colorado and thinking that this will not hold up for long due to freeze thaw issues. Won't the veneer eventually crack?

I plan on a concrete foundation for the wall approx 16" deep (the height of the seating wall). Would a 6" base under this be sufficient or does the foundation need to be below the frost line? 32" in my area but I'll probably dig another 6" just to be on the safe side. (Boy that would be a lot of concrete! $$$$)

If I do need to go below the frost line could I make the base and sub base fill most of this depth instead of concrete? So say a base and sub base of 22" and then build the 16" foundation?



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Nov 4, 2010
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Chiliwack BC Canada
Welcome to the site. We see Allan block walls built on a gravel base all the time, I think the key is drainage but when it is going to be covered with stone the footing is below the frost line. Generaly the depth is bottom of footing to the height of the finished ground level= frost depth. Footings are built with 2x6 forms lifted to about 8" and leveled and the width depense on load weight and soil type and condition.