the story of my sauna

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    hi im jake, im 15 and i have an amazing house, i literally own my own house in my back garden, in here i have a sauna, hot tub and more but thats missing the point.
    Recently i held a party and afterwards my sauna stopped working (could be water damage or it may have been on too long, i dont know). I hear a bleep when i press the power button but none of it turns on and although i have changed all the fuses needed. it will still not work.
    I have absolutly no idea how to fix this but i do know there is a loose lead at the top of the sauna but this may have been disconnected before.
    I am pretty screwed if this sauna needs a professional to come and take a look at it so please, if you know anything that may help , i would appreciate it. I have a friend that has alot of experience in fixing electricals that can help me but even he doesnt know.



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