Toolkit brand to recommend, that does not scatter when opened.

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Dec 24, 2013
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I feel outraged, every toolkit I bought these days from homedepo, lowes or similar stores have some unknown brand which they carry now. All of them, when opened, all the sockets wrenches are loose and scatter which drove me nuts and I kept returning them. I used to buy toolkit just few years ago, all components are inside held in place in each of their respectives grooves firmly and nicely. I just cant seem to find, driving me nuts. any toolkit brand to recommend in this respect? LAtest one I bought from Hardware store is some sort of"pittsburgh" brand so when I opened, all the ratches and similar components are held firmly but all socket wrenches are loose. I am going to return this fucking thing as well.
Yes. I too like the Craftsman sets. They are my go-to kits.