Tree Fell that spans but does not touch wood fence

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Apr 28, 2012
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United States
I built this fence in 2020 as my COVID project (old lumber prices). It is a shadowbox fence with horizontal 2x4 stringers such that the posts are hidden on the inside and the outside. Yesterday, a storm snapped off a tree in my backyard. The ~35' maple tree (18" diameter) snapped off a little more than 10' from the ground. The tree was very much alive and the break is fairly stable. I cut most of the limbs from the remaining tree and the whole weight of the tree isn't being supported by the portion on the ground; the majority is still supported by the attachment to the base... I can't get a tree guy for about a week unless I have house damage; they're all workign insurance claims and power lines.

Taking down a section of the fence is possible, but difficult.

Can I brace the tree while I cut it into sections? See pic #2...