Wet ceiling, trying to figure out what caused it

Discussion in 'Walls and Ceilings' started by tgillespie, Oct 22, 2009.

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    I purchased a home several months ago which I have been remodeling. One day ago I was replacing the inlet valve to a toilet. When I turned the main water on, I realized I had forgotten to close the valve. It was running for a good 20 seconds before I was able to shut it off.

    Today, we've had rain/snow all day long. Nothing super intense, but a constant drizzle.

    When I got home from work, a good two food section of ceiling texture was hanging down. Obviously from water. My question is, could water from the bathroom flood two days ago just now be damaging the drywall?

    I went into the rafters tonight and could not find a leak from the roof. I understand they are usually pretty small, but I inspected all vent pipes and none of them had moisture. The flashings have all been re-caulked.

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