What do you think about these front doors?

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Jul 29, 2016
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These are new homes I saw yesterday I have a great dislike for inset front door on new homes. These two are extreme but most of this new subdivision has them like this. These are even narrower than usual ones. I think that it's terrible. Then to make matters worse, look at the roof line where it's open over part of the inset sidewalk and will drench anyone walking there when it rains. No gutters to help, either. Seems some really bad architect designs here. I can see needing to put in some type of covering on that indented side walk if one bought that home.
(But it has enough garage if you want to use that for the "front" door.)

What do you think about these narrow really inset front doors?

I agree it wouldn’t be my cup of tea as well. Likely the person buying the house will hardly ever use the front door. I’m personally not a fan of all the roof lines I see on new homes. I knew a old roofer that called them facets and he didn’t mind because he charged a lot more per facet.

Inset doors are ok to get you out of the weather but the ones you show look way to tight and even with gutters that’s a lot of roof funneling into a small place.

Simple is better IMO.
Very functional.
Doors are a potential leak point for both rain and wind.
Those doors are very well protected.

As for looks, looks are subjective. If you don't like how it looks, don't buy it. If others on this forum like or dislike the looks is irrelevant.
With 2 roofs draining into the entrances way, I view it as a shower tunnel and wonder, if there are soapdish and towel bar provisions?