Where can I find tutorials for building solar panels?

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Apr 16, 2011
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Ok so.. i am little bit interested in building solar panels on my own i was wondering where can i get those tutorials (video tutorials not books) and my 2nd question is, is it possible for someone to learn these things through this way?
Thanks in advance.. :)
That's a really cool link. Now all I need is like 10000 of those solar cells. Seriously I love this type of DIY. I'm thinking of ordering up some of those microcrystal cells.
Very interesting, I will be watching for your updates on this DIY!
I would do a thorough search on YouTube. Otherwise I would try a site called VideoJug
I'd like to know if its really worth the effort of making the panels myself. I want to make sure its effective too. I might be able to save up but how much energy can it provide?
Solar is getting really cheap at this point - at least on a per watt basis. I'd look into pricing out a package system and skip doing it yourself (unless your a really really hands on type). Depends where you live obviously, but some states are rapidly approaching grid parity for renewables.