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Oct 27, 2023
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Maplewood, MN
This may sound like a silly question, but I hate the idea of wasting energy (and money). What should I set this Aprilaire whole house thermostat at when I run the room dehumidifier in the basement each summer? If I set it at exactly the same temp as the dehumidifier, ie, 35% humidity, will the Aprilaire automatically shut off as the dehumidifier does its job? The options are 15%, 25%, 35% and 45%. Thanks!!!


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There are NO silly questions. We all learn by asking! Never hesitate to ask anything, especially here where people are nice.

To Answer:
You mentioned humidifier and de-humidifier. Humidity in a building will equalize. Therefore, the basement will receive humidity from the humidifier. The dehumidifier will then have to remove it. When the dehumidifier is needed, be sure to turn off the humidifier.

In summer humidifiers are off. They are needed when the heating source artificially dries the air out. In summer, we want as little humidity as is practical so that we feel cooler. (If the air is humid, moisture can't evaporate from our skin. This action cools us by means of "evaporative cooling". It's why Our Creator gave people the ability to sweat.)

Also note that those humidistats are notoriously inaccurate, In winter, ignore the numbers on the face plate and purchase a known good humidity meter. Put it in the living area. Experiment until you find the happy spot for comfort.

PS: In summer, it is wise to clean out the humidifier to ensure no water is left behind to get moldy.
Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for your wonderful, well-articulated information. I'm going to consider this thread closed, but wanted to add something I just found out about my Aprilaire humdifier: It's wired to the heat fan and won't operate in the Summer. So, perfect, easy solution. And yes, I learned how and routinely clean my humidifier and dehumidifier, both.


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