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Your wildflowers look great! How much time did you spend planting them and having care? I want to have a garden with flowers as well and plant something similar. Currently, I just order flowers in bulk to see what I like better. For those wondering I buy fresh flowers, especially cheap carnations in bulk from fiftyflowers website. The carnations smell really nice, and they also look really wonderful. The only thing I feel bad about is not knowing how to grow and maintain a garden. I don't understand how to do it, that's why I joined this and a couple of other forums.
The Columbine started from seed and spread on there own. Some of those are in cracks between bricks but I just let them grow. The Trilliums are natural I didn't plant them.
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Did you plant these? Or did they just turn up naturally?

I'm considering dedicating part of the garden to 'growing wild'. If you leave our lawn for long enough without mowing, all sorts of interesting flowers start to pop up.