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Mar 7, 2013
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I have high-gloss laminate hardwood and they are so hard to keep clean. Many people in the hardware stores suggested using a steam mop. Is that safe to do overtime? The boxes say safe for laminate, but I’m worried about the heat lifting them with moisture.
They leave very little water on the floor, I have one and it gets used on laminate no problem but over time don't know. I would think a mop or other product might leave a lot more water on the floor.
I don't have laminate flooring, but I do have a steam mop. I have used it on my sealed real hardwood floors, and it seems to be just fine. I agree with the previous poster that I think the steam mop probably leaves less moisture than a real mop. It leaves the surface damp but it dries pretty quickly.

Depending on what model you get, just watch out that you don't leave it in the same place for too long. Once you plug mine in, it starts producing steam right away. So if you left it upright in one place while plugged in, it would steam the crap out of the floor underneath.

I have been a little disappointed in the performance of my steam mop though. I see that the pad gets dirty, but it doesn't clean textured surfaces as well as I would like. When I really want to clean the floor, I used a Swiffer with the wet pads first and then the steam mop to clean up the residue.