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    Random vent that goes outside

    That looks like a return duct and the outside vent should just have a screen.
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    inside double glasses window

    There is no reasonable fix for that. And you can be sure it out lived the warrentee if that thing was every covered by it. A glass shop would have to remove the glass seperate that glass just to retrive it and then make you a new sealed unit and re install.
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    Racoon (or something) digging up garden

    birds .........
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    Soffit Venting

    One should not have anything to do with the other. But If you are lacking insulation below the air chutes then you could have cold areas where moisture could condense on the ceiling . What else was happening when you had the holes drilled.
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    Corrugated Drainage Tile/sump pump

    You want to go up to a bigger pipe so the pump isn't working so hard.
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    Water leak into basement through sliding door.

    There is a problem with the flashing above or the door upstairs.
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    Is this checking / split ok?

    Pretty normal stuff.
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    Mold or ~efflorescence?

    Have it tested.
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    New York Roofing Law - 3 layers, grandfathered?

    Use the roof as an excuse to push for a $10.000 discount, the expected life will be shorter. That is about what the home owner saved when he had the roof done.
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    Anchor fence post to brick wall?

    I would anchor it to the foundation with a 2x4 spacer.
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    Raising metal carport

    You don't want to fold it up so the leve at the bottom and the corner braces should keep it all intact.
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    Raising metal carport

    How high are the stub that the legs are bolted to and how tight are they? I think I would bolt an LVL to both ends and add an angles 2x4 brace to both ends to keep it square. Jack up all for corners and build cribbing under each corner until it is off the stubs. the you can lift it with the...
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    Can this floor be salvaged?

    I have seen a flooring guy replace the top 1/8 of the floor boards like that and make all that look like new. he just routered out one board at the time
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    Moving washer to basement

    easiest is to set up a utility sink with a pump