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  • Thanks for your post. I've read a few of your posts and they seem to be the most helpful to those of us who are inexperienced. I appreciate your thoroughness, patience and willingness to help others!

    I have seen a lot of your posts regarding faucets. I work for a market research firm and we are currently researching luxury faucets (price point above $300). We offer you $50 per hour to ask some brief questions about your thoughts on faucets. Have you purchased a luxury faucet within a year? Do you know anyone who has? Thanks for the help. Please email me if you are free to chat on the phone in the next couple of days!

    Anna ([email protected])
    thanks for the reply on my thread
    $1200 seems awfully a lot for replacing the main pump, adding backup pump and with a marine battery... But what do I know about how hard it is to install.
    How long do Zoeller last? I am expending it to last at least 8 years? If so i'd be $150 a year for $1200 spent... otherwise, I might as well install a cheapo and replace it every other year at the same price.
    your thoughts?
    dude you better back off before I post stuff about you in the forums. If you don't want to read my posts then don't click on them consider this a warning
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