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  1. A

    Chimney liner to B-vent connection question

    Hello all, We have an old brick chimney that was at one point (before our time) decommissioned and repurposed as a furnace vent using a flexible chimney liner inside. When we bought our home, the chimney was sticking up through the roof, and the chimney liner went up through a metal flat top...
  2. S

    New HVAC Install Issue

    My mother had her HVAC unit replaced. There was some sort of issue with the unit and they left some gauges on it, outside. It has been 10 days. Should I be concerned?
  3. H

    TXV Bulb Insulation

    The TXV bulb of my HVAC unit has something that looks like a black rubber/plastic/silicone sleeve on the end of its tube (picture attached). This sleeve/cover should be there or just forgotten to be removed during the installation?
  4. J

    Need a good HVAC Recommendation

    Just bought a property in central New Jersey that needs a new HVAC system installed. Any recommendations for good independent HVAC companies that serve central NJ?
  5. A

    Central air repair question

    My central air unit outside won't run, but the fan inside the condo runs. I'm having an HVAC tech out tomorrow. They charge $105 hour + $69 trip charge. Is this a fair price? Assuming they actually figure out why it's not running and can fix it within the hour?
  6. MrsStark

    Needing advice on Bathroom door maze

    Hi Everyone!! I’m needing advice on what my options are for a Bathroom with a SUPER inconveniently placed, but essential, door. The Bathroom has the problem-door, the North door, that leads into the Master Bedroom, and another, the East door, that leads into the hall. Seeing as the door in...
  7. S

    hose draining into crawl space + duct leaks

    Hi. I live in a 50-yr-old split-level house in North Carolina. I don't know a lot about HVACs but have been investigating our crawl space due to some mold problems we're having (lots of mold in the crawl, and now a good bit in the house). One of the big areas of mold/mildew growth seems to be...