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  1. B

    Wet towel damage in master bath???

    Hello to all you homeowners out there! Me and my wife are new first time home owners. Earlier today my wife was getting out of the shower and noticed that low on the wall under where she hangs her towel there is some cracking and peeling of the paint. My first thought and opinion was that...
  2. B

    Concrete resurfacing

    Hi, I am planning to resurfacie concrete basement floor using NewCrete resurfacer. I want a smooth surface, no broom finish. I want to coat the resurfacer with one part water based epoxy/acrylic paint (Behr 90201). Can I add the paint instead of water (a part of water) used to mix the resurfacer...
  3. Johnny Miller

    Cleaning and Painting Aluminum Siding

    I need to clean and paint our aluminum siding. Wondering what is the best cleaning product and paint to use? Do you have to hand wash the area or can you just use a pressure washer to do it?
  4. MrsStark

    Needing advice on how to tackle drywall repairs

    Hello Everyone!! I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, or if some parts of my post belong elsewhere. I'm VERY NEW to understanding the lingo of home remodeling, so I've tried to point out my areas of concern as easily as possible, without making a fool of myself haha...