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  1. J

    Identifying leak source

    Hello. Recently, my wife moved a bed to clean under it and we discovered that the drywall by the floor trim is bulging out, the trim itself is warped and also bulging, and the adjacent wood flooring is also slightly warped. Also, about 3 feet directly above this damage, there's a line break in...
  2. C

    Flat Roof Drain strainers

    Good Morning, I recently had a flat roof on top of a garage replaced (20'x18'). They did not ask me about replacing the existing drains, and now we have a TPO roof with 2- 3" drains embedded (they are both connected through the roof to the interior of the garage). Had I been local when they...
  3. maxcalvada

    Loose Asphalt Tiles

    A wind storm caused several tiles(maybe 25) to come loose. These files were part of a cover put on the original roof. If I owned a one story house, I'd do it myself. But it's 2 and 1/2 stories up. A roofing company estimator says they can't do the job because the tiles will just come loose...
  4. S

    New roof exposed this issues (w/ picture). Advice?

    After my new roof was installed, I can see into the rafters through a gap between the drip edge and the gutter. This is true all around the roof. I assume that the fascia boards were too short, but was hidden by the old drip edge which was longer than the new drip edge. Please see the picture ...
  5. E

    I assume my roof is leaking somewhere...

    As the pictures spell it out, I have water staining on the cieling above the dining room. At first glance I'm not exactly sure how I am going to figure out where it is leaking without having to tear out the cieling... Not sure if anyone knows of any budget fixes for something like this. It is my...
  6. M

    No gap where siding meets roof - damage repair

    I had my roof shingles replaced last year, and looking now I see that the hardie siding is chipped or worn away at the roof line. I'm not sure if this was damage during the roof work or just worn out because of water damage. It does appear to have step flashing beneath it (but I haven't taken an...
  7. F

    Re-pitching the roof (with an addition)

    Hi, I'm in the midst of planning a house addition. I have a small approx 800sq foot, one floor house and am planning to add about 400sq feet to it. It's essentially a rectangle and it is being recommended to us that we completely rebuild the roof from the current part over to the new part so...
  8. RudisFL

    How to repair a divot in roof

    At the edge of my roof I have a divot. Water backed into the roof when the gutters stopped working. Rather than approach it from the top --- I don't want mismatched shingles. Can I fix this by working on it from under the eve?