Acrylic smell/fume in my apartment - getting high off it

Discussion in 'General Home Improvement Discussion' started by bolland, Oct 12, 2010.

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    So about 3 months ago, the apartment's tub was glazed and the apartment smelled so bad from the chemicals that I had to move to another apartment. I was constantly getting high everyday from the fumes and I tried opening the windows, fanning it out with high powered fans and it was still there.

    So I move to the new apartment and it's better but I can still smell the fumes. I got rid of my couch and that helped get rid most of it. Then I put the bed in my friend's backyard and the air in the apartment feels fresher. But once in a while, I still get high off the fumes. I can tell when I'm high because my thought process becomes stagnant and I'm non reactive. So I'm thinking that there's still acrylic chemicals from some of my personal belongings. Now I only have my home theatre system (surround sound, tv), pc , bookshelves and clothes in the room.

    To home improvement experts out there, how can I get rid of this smell/chemical? I tried putting charcoal and water in the room and it doesn't seem to be helping (advice from websites). My last step would be to move to another apartment and maybe starting from scratch and getting rid of all my stuff - which would really suck.


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