Advice on Framing vs Siding Nailer

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Mar 7, 2024
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I have a few projects coming up this summer where a nailer could really help. The majority of the work will be replacing wood siding (1x8), facias, external window trim and garage trim (1x5 / 1x6) as well as some cedar shingle replacement. I also anticipate a small amount of framing - mainly replacing existing window framing and adding some framing for new windows.

I have been considering the best nailer would be a siding nailer - a framing nailer may be a little too aggressive for the trim and siding and for the smaller amount of framing simply use a hammer.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

Thank you!
Most of the nailers are depth adjustable.
As often as not, tools are for specific use, used and forgotten, so you might think in terms of a less expensive model, and resale it when finished.

Sometimes screws are an alternative method, for minor framing projects.
I agree with Snoonyb. Screw work well for framing, and often the thud of the hammer (or framing nailer) shake things loose if the house is old-ish.
The siding nailer will probably get more use on this project. Maybe just rent one from the local Home Depot.