Air in pipes after water heater replacement

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Sep 20, 2016
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I had my water heater replaced last week on Tuesday the 23rd. I understand it's normal for there to be air in the pipes and for the pipes to "spit" and be fairly loud while they are getting the air out of the system. This was happening a lot over the first 24 hours, but it is still occassionally happening a full week later. It seems to happen randomly, like when I flush a toilet that flushed fine the previous 10 times but all of sudden was "spitting" again. It happened at the kitchen sink today too, It works normally 99% of the time, but sometimes it will still have air in the line and "spit" randomly.

Is this anything I should be concerened about? I know this is something that normally happens right after the installation, but should it still be randomly happening a full week later?


I just worked on my water heater and introduced air about a month ago. It depends on where your tank is located and how much piping there is along with how many places air could remain trapped. In my case I thought it was all out after 15 minutes of running water at different locations and then two weeks later I got a surge of air in the upstairs bathroom. I guess that sink wasn’t used that much.

I would say it will go away shortly. If not it means you are getting air into the system someplace and that’s hard to do without some sort of water leak.